About Early Vote Texas

Early Vote Texas provides strategic solutions for Republican victory.

The premise is simple: provide the grassroots of the Republican Party of Texas with a clear plan for record voter turnout and effective fundraising. The video on the home page introduces some of the strategy necessary to win, but the real benefit comes from the training and materials provided in the Freedom Pool seminars.

A Freedom Pool is a means of organizing for fundraising and voter turnout and was created by Brett Rogers, a strategist, grassroots organizer, and campaign consultant based in Texas.

About Freedom Pool Training

The introductory video on the home page gives some of the high-level strategy involved in becoming an 800-lb gorilla in politics, but ideas are cheap - it's the implementation that's hard. The Freedom Pool training seminar gives you the best practices, templates, and clear path for success that you need to become effective in politics like you never thought possible.

Don't try to figure it out on your own - you'll just will waste time and miss the money that you need for political victory. In one day of training, you'll go from feeling like a novice to feeling like an expert. Simple, step-by-step instruction will answer every scenario and question you have, and give you a confidence that will enable you to effectively assert your political will.

If you're tired of losing in politics, sign up right now to attend a Freedom Pool training seminar.